Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Personal Project.

I have finally got something to put up on here. It's nothing amazing yet and no where near finished but it's a start. It is a book cover for 'The House at Riverton'. I'm doing it for my third year personal project along with two others. I feel I should have a lot more to show but unfortunately I have been lazy, but now I have made a start I feel sure much more work will follow.

People at uni seem to like this one better, for some reason i'm just not convinced. I'll go with it and see what happens but I think I still prefer the first one. I'll have another look at it later and see what I think then.


inspector_marmalade said...

I like the top one better but they are both really nice, I like the ink and scribble marks, ace! x

Draw-a-rama said...

I prefer the top one, too ; )