Thursday, 13 September 2007


This is an illustration I did for an article called 'Are You Happy?' Which is ironic because I was not happy doing it at the time. I did struggle again, and in the end gave up entirely. I instead decided to focus on my publishing project because I still wasn't happy with it (that post has been updated below). In the end I came back and finished it off. I purposley didn't spend a long time on it. Your never going to get a long deadline for an editorial illustration so it seemed like a good idea to attempt a faster one. I think that was a good idea as I haven't gone over board with it and have kept it relativley simple (something i'm finding increasingly diffiult). The article was only small and talked about a man, who when at work got offered to try a pipe and then rambles about the feelings he had smoking it. This is the last project so I am technically done. I'm going to add things to my projects now and have a think about the dissertation questions which make no sense to me at the minute.

On a side note did anyone see Britney Spears at the vma's? What a disaster! I kind of feel sorry for her after that. It was terrible, if she wasn't planning on singing or dancing she could of at least washed her hair. I wish that woman would just look after her kids already! She angers me.

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