Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Here are some designs for luggage labels, and above that is a wrapping paper type thing. Just imagine it a lot bigger. I think i'll do some alternatives while i'm lisening to Russel Brand on Radio 2 listen again, I might as well do something usefull while i'm sat here. I've been doing some research into the area of gift wrap, mostly on the paperchase website (i'm going to work for them one day, ive decided). It looks like they have 1 design that's used on a whole range of stationary, on things like diary's, i pod covers, photo albums, pens, mousemats, all sorts of things so technically I only need to do one illustration and they would put it on everything for me, sounds like a good deal to me. (This will happen one day, i'm working on it) I think i'll do another design and then get started on my editorial project which hopefully wont take long and then I am done! I'll go back an add to my projects and have a bit of time to doodle randomness again before uni starts. Were supposed to do a sketchbook of drawings as well as the projects but iv'e combined the 2. I have the same skethbook as ladysnail had last year. It will take all year to fill it so theres no point starting one then droping it to work on another. I hope they don't mind but I wont lose sleep over it. Hey I'm proud of my sketchbook. As I constantly say I hate them, but this time Ive really tried to connect with it and use it as more then a place to scribble and stick in printouts. It's become special.

Anyway I went to Warwick castle on Sunday it was boiling hot and I had a brilliant day. They do the best burgers on a bbq, it makes my mouth water just thinking about them. They do a birds of prey show which I love to see because I love birds, they are amazing things, I don't know how anyone can be afraid of them. I went to the avery afterwards to get a closer look and while I was there, I turned around and saw Lemar standing right next to me holding a bald eagle, how random is that? I didn't speak to him, I don't know how people do that, what the hell do they say to people they've never met? I can imagine what I would say to Lemar, "hey Lemar, you don't know me or anything, but I though i'd say hello. I'm not a big fan and I don't like your music but since your a bit famous I thought i'd introduce myself" I can't see it going down well. I wouldn't speak to someone I liked either to be honest I get so starstruck, if I saw Ewan Mcgreggor walking down the street I' just die of excitment. Not good lol.
I went to the jousting show and my god the red night was gorgeous! especially in his knight costume, just thought i'd mention it.

I saw Bourne ultimatum. It was brilliant but I wish the camera wasn't so shakey all the way through, when I left the cinema I felt like i'd been on a roller coaster. Rush Hour 3 was ok I might go and see Atonement the new Kiera Knighlty film when my friend gets back from spain. I like James Mcavoy and I'm starting to like Keira Knightly these days. I couldn't stand her before but she's grown on me. I didn't mean to ramble so i'll go away now. Oh and thanks Kate for your comment before it was really nice. You always make me feel better about things. X I saw that picture of us with Jon Bugerman I think we looked ok, lets face it it could have been so much worse! lol

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inspector_marmalade said...

Hehe I suppose, atleast we werent all doing fish impressions or something, but come to think about it that would have been interesting lol
I REALLY love your labels Jenni they remind me of the nightingale poem by a japenese poet who's name escapes me(hope I got that vaguly correct), very pretty. You have the right idea with the labels, iPod covers etc stuff, I think thats something you should look into more, I'd collect your wrapping paper for sure! curses this means I'm gonna have to do some work aswell now doesnt it? your rather inspiring missy, by inspiring I mean Im green with envy that I didnt think of it first lol keep up the great work! xoxox