Tuesday, 4 September 2007

I have finally got the pictures from Jocey's hen night!

Here are a couple of Pictures form Jocey's Hen Party, it took a long time to get them but here they are! Kate will appreciate these, we are working the tashes!

Last night I am ashamed to say, I began my life of crime. In the form of....... illegal parking! Oh the horror! I think it's outrageous, I wasn't even parking in a bad place. Stupid residential parking scheme. Some arse gave me a £60 fine for parking outside my friends house without a visibe permit. She has 3 permits registered to her house so I can legally park there, I just didn't have one in my car. So Ive sent an email with all the info from the permits so they can trace it and maybe let me off. I haven't got my hopes up. Who goes checking cars at half 7 anyway? If I pay in 2 weeks I only have to pay £3o, but i'll see if they are kind and let me off first.

This morning I went on a mission to rescue a bumble bee. I'm dead scared of them but this one, Boris was a lovely thing. Bless it, it was so dumb. It was on the window ledge but wouldn't fly to the right where i'd opened window and kept landing in the corner looking all pathetic. If I went near it it started getting all upset. I thought it might be thirsty so I poured a bit of water next to it. It then decided to try and get through the window and bounced off straight on his back in the water, so I nearly drowned it! I had to get it into a glass and take it down stairs to the garden, it scared me a bit I set it free and luckily it did not die. What a nice story lol.

Oh yeah, Ive done no work oh well.

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inspector_marmalade said...

Wahey! mushtashes galore! Those are some amazing photos Jen, I love it!!!
Aww cute bubble bee story, bless I like them, hate wasps tho, but shh dont tell them xoxox