Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Advertising development.

This project has given me so much grief! I kind of hate it. I always seem to get the point where I don't have a proper opinion on my work, Ive looked at it for so long that my judgment has gone bye bye. I have so many variations of this, I look at them in my sketch book and they all the look the freaking same! I need an unbiased opinion, I have no clue.... again lol. I wish I could stop this happening. I think it's harder because i'm not in uni and I have to decide on everything myself, that being said I am the exact opposite of looking forward to uni, god I feel sick just thinking about it, urgh I hate it, it's a shame I aren't the type of person to give up on things, If I was I would just drop out. It's not the course, I quite enjoy it, I do let myself get a bit stressed though. I don't particularly dislike being away from home either but put the two together and I can't stand it, I don't know why, I should stop thinking about this, it normally ends with me in tears and it gets boring after a while. It's getting harder to ignore my worries the closer uni gets. I put off doing my uni work for ages, because I didn't want to think about it but now i'm trying to get it done I don't really have much choice. Luckily I can keep going out to distract myself but i'm still really worried that I wont be able to keep going for another year. My dad keeps using the phrase 'only another year' Only he sais! like it's nothing, unfortunatly I aren't comforted by the idea. I need to suck it up! I never intended to write this so... moving swiftly away from that subject, I hope I will get used to this whole working by myself thing, it's wierd.

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inspector_marmalade said...

Im sending you HUGE hugs darlin, I know what you mean, I think working at home by yourself does make you think twice but dont you worry, keep at it! I think your work is looking great my favourite image of the 3 is the middle one it looks really good, your so good at collage and using textures! take a break, have a cuppa and a biccie, do something not involving uni work for a hour and just remember that if you need any help me and debs are here to lend a hand! xoxox