Tuesday, 7 August 2007


I've decided to start the dreaded advertising project. I'm going to do Chester zoo, I went there last Wednesday and feel slightly inspired.....Sort of.

Here is is the beginning stage of what will hopefully become an advert for the zoo. I like how it looks so far. I hope this one will end up looking better than the last. It's not that I don't like the book cover, but I admit I'm not completley happy with the end result. I think I will revisit it when I finish the other projects, I think it would look better if it was simplified. I was looking at book covers today and a lot of them hardly have anything on the cover, atleast the more recent ones don't, minimalism must be the current thing.

Anyway Me and Ladysnail experienced the wonders of the scissor sisters last week. It was my first concert and it did not dissapoint. I had such a good time Jake shears' voice is amazing! Here is a picture from the show, it's not the best, I don't think all the lights were on at this point but you get the gist.

Below is a picture of a tiger from the zoo, it's a pity there was a fence there but it's a pretty good picture. Especially since the tiger is normally asleep when I turn up. I had to chase it all over the place it kept changing direction just as I got my camera ready. It was worth it though, Tigers are my favourite, I could have watched it all day. I was actually born in the year of the tiger, usleless fact for you.

I got a picture of a meerkat as well! I did really well on this trip, meerkat's are really hard to get a picture of aww it's so cute.

And lastly a picture of a rather fat elephant.

And now I am off to make a cup of tea. X

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inspector_marmalade said...

I spy some familiar looking wallpaper ^_^ I really like your idea to rebrand chester zoo, it does need a revamp and I think your just the Illustrator to do it. Cool pictures of the animals hon, thats is one porky elly, too many jam sandwiches I think.
Keep up the great work! xox