Thursday, 26 July 2007

Lots to show today!

Now Kate was wondering where I had gone to before, I'm going to surprise you and show you work, that's right actual work. I admit I've been keeping it secret until now because I finished my publishing project last night! I did it while I watched top gear followed by heroes(Don't know what to make of that show yet) and How to look good naked. Actually I just remembered, I went round my friends house the other day and a remake of psycho was on, it had Vince Vaughn in it randomly hahaha it was terrible. Lol Ive never seen anything like it I don't know why that suddenly came to my head but it makes me laugh the shower scene was just bizarre, I don't think the woman got stabbed once by the look of it. Anyway back to the point, I did a book called invisible cities, and there was a chapter called thin cities, it described a city between two mountains, and instead of the city rising up it was suspended on ropes and houses were hung below connected with ladders. The houses are described as being 'made like sacks'. So below is a sort of texture mountain and sky.

And on top of that was this.

This is a sketch of what I imagined the houses to look like.

I found some proper 70's material that my mum kept, It's horrible but nice at the same time, I drew out a couple of house shapes and put the material in to look like a stitched sack house.

After many many alterations and loads of print outs I have finished. I'm not exactly sure wether I am happy with the out come. I have got to the point where Ive sat looking at it for so long that iv'e lost the whole concept of what works and what doesn't. I might come back and tweak it a bit but for now I class this proct finished! Besides it's a bit of an experiment since it was digitally put together with like 90 layers in photoshop, can't say ive done that before, so with that in mind i'm quite happy with it, it's something I'm working to improve.

Now I'm going to read some Harry potter with a cup of tea, then put my work in the sketchbook and play the PlayStation. I'm going shopping tomorrow so I don't want to leave it and then forget.


inspector_marmalade said...

^_^ WHOW! Jenni they are great I love the hand stitched style, how long did that take u in photoshop, bloomin ages I bet! the colours are lovely too... hmm they say never judge a book by its cover but I did and I have and will be investigating! it looks really interesting ^_^ top marks again miss peggle xoxox

p.s you looked GORGEOUS in your pretty bridesmaid dress, you all did! I think u should keep it and do a lilly allen like u said hehe

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