Thursday, 28 June 2007

Random crap that has no point :)

Oh deary me Ive had a disaster! Myspace has thrown me out. Ok perhaps it's not that much of a disaster but it's really annoying. I was using it on Tuesday night and it was fine, but it's now decided it doesn't want me to log in, even though I save my settings. It keeps saying "You must be logged in to do that!" Why would I need to be logged in to log in? Grrr myspace is crap sometimes. And today I went shopping in my shiny new car but when I came back to the car park my windscreen was cracked! (cries). I hope my dad doesn't kill me he's normally ok with this stuff. I have no idea how it's happened it's only tiny so god knows what's done it.

On a happier note only 23 days untill the new Harry Potter book, i'm so excited, oh yeah and my best friend is getting married that day.....but it's Harry freaking Potter! Oooh Harry better not snuff it I will not be impressed. So that's all I wanted to say.......So pointless lol.

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