Monday, 9 July 2007

This means I have kept my promise.

On Saturday Inspector Marmalade, Ladysnail and myself made an agreement. We decided that by tonight, all of us will have completed a sketchbook page. Here is mine.

Okay I will admit it has nothing to do with the four projects we have to do but it's a start. I suppose I havent really kept my promise, but i'm atleast halfway there! The scan isn't the best, having a square sketchbook can sometimes be a pain, especially with scanning. I really don't feel like fighting my scanner to get the picture straight but you get the jist. Now I will wait to see if the others have kept thier end of the deal.


ladysnail said...

you have made a very good start there Peg. i am impressed. i love the colours on the top fish. dx

inspector_marmalade said...

is your fishy coloured with just paints or is that a hint of tissue paper I can see? hes really colourful I like him alot! xox