Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A bit of an experiment.

Well here are some legs. It's a bit of a collage I did yesturday. I'm trying some stuff out, combining my collages with the computor. It seems to work better when I use photoshop. I quite like it actually but it's only a simple thing. I'll work up to the more complex stuff. I feel so slow when I'm using computors. Oh well. I still hate illustrator though lol.


inspector_marmalade said...

Those are some very fancy legs peggle, are those yours? hehe. it reminds me of something editorial for a fashion magazine, hmmmzz.. do Topshop have a magazine that would be cool if they did, editorial project sorted! ^_^ or maybe the dreaded rebranding.

Penguin & Fish said...

really nice. love the colors. I agree w/ inspector, seems very editorial fashiony. You should get your work to publishers if you don't already. i dig.