Monday, 4 June 2007


Ah result! Thanks to hydra arts I have finally figured out the 'dodgy colour' problem. When I opened the document in photoshop I just had to change the CMYK to RGB in the dialog box, simple as that. Ive been trying to figure it out since we did the digital elective, but there we are. Ladysnail will be impressed because I know she has had the same problem. Anyway here are some mushrooms, I don't know why, I just decided to draw them the other day and thought I could practice this live trace thing in illustrator. I might put a mustache on one just for inspetor marmalade, I think she'd like that. I think they're cute.


hydra-arts said...

jen i am glad it works, from ali x

inspector_marmalade said...

Aw they are adorable! hehehe the small yellow one would look amazing with a long mustashe that curls at the ends Jen i think you should do that because the larger two already look like they are looking at him alittle funny, gossiping behind his back like two old ladies at a bustop.

ladysnail said...

you little worker bee you. we leave you alone for two seconds and you are on that evil illustrator! tis looking very colourful our Peg.