Sunday, 3 June 2007


Okay, I have a question, and if anybody knows the answer to this please tell me! Okay so whenever I do anything in illustrator and save it, it's not compatable with anything including this site, it needs to be a jpeg. So I opened the file in photoshop and saved it as a jpeg. But it wont upload on any image hosting sites and on here all the colours go wierd. My lecturer Ali said something about saving it as an eps or something like that, I tried that and I tried pdf and all the rest but I still have the same problem. I even tried to copy and paste the image to photoshop but that didn't work either. So my question is this, what do you save an image as is ilustrator? and how do you make it compatible to anything? I just don't know what else to try, tis very confusing to me, maybe my work in illustrator is meant to be kept secret because it seems like it doesnt want to be seen by anybody! It's in there holding on to dear life, saying no! I'm staying in your C drive and thats it. So yeah any help would be so appreciated!


hydra-arts said...

jen if you save it as an eps in illustrator it will open in photoshop (it may ask you to render or parse it as it's vector, and photoshop understands pixels, so say yes and render it at around 300 dpi) you should then be able to save it in as many different file formats as you want when it's in photoshop (including jpeg). Illustrator defaults as CMYK, maybe that's why your images go a funny colour (but it shouldn't be terribly differerent), and the only reason a jpeg won't load on here or in photobucket or the like is possibly it's size (MB not particularily its physical size)? Posting on blogger, your image only needs to be 72 dpi. You can't cut and paste in photoshop from illustrator, but you can File>open a new document in photoshop and 'place' your illustrator document on to it by using File>Place. Hope this helps.

Jennipeg said...

Thanks for your help! I will try that now, and hopefully it will work. X