Monday, 4 June 2007

Another Fish

Here is another attempt at live trace although I have now decided that I don't like this guys face. Apart from that I think it's ok, I just put some nice scanned texture in there, it's made up of paint, tissue paper and mesh to make them look like scales. I need to keep practising though.


inspector_marmalade said...

I love those curly swiggles you used for scales and the textures work really well peg, he looks like hes got big "gems" on hehe

ladysnail said...

i think his face looks fine! are you using illustrator to put textures in aswell? or saving that bit for photoshop? these colours Jen are really good. i like the ones on his bottom fins. also another question-are you using that book we got?

Jennipeg said...

Thanks guys, I'm trying my best. To answer your questions Debaroo, I only used illustrator for the outline, then saved it as an EPS and opened it in photoshop and clicked on RGB colour mode, that stops the colours going strange. I haven't used the book much ive just been using trial and error. Have you guys been doing much?