Monday, 4 January 2010

More New Work

Well, I think I have let this blog slide yet again. So I thought it was about time for an update. First up is an illustration that was commissioned by The Lonely Planet Travel Magazine.

For this illustration I was asked to create an image that would represent an open travel journal, the image is used along side Dan Cruickshank's regular column. Each month he writes about where he has been, and provides photographs of his travels. The photographs are placed over the image to create the look of a journal/photo album.

This next illustration was commissioned by the Radio Times.

I was asked to illustrate for one of the radio choices. It was a play called 'Winter Storm' The play is about a young poet who becomes lost in a snow storm, while waiting for an important telephone call. I really enjoyed working on this image as it gave me the opportunity to paint, I have been working mostly in Photoshop lately so this was definitely a nice change.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful artwork.

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joven said...

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Stella K. said...

This is beautiful,I love it.

Monique said...

Nice, really nice.