Friday, 5 September 2008

A few weeks ago I was dragged to a horse show by my parents, It was OK, for about half an hour. I think it was the incredible amounts of mud, mixed with rain and wind that put me off. I liked seeing the horses though, I managed to get a few pictures. I especially like the men in bowler hats, one of them even had a Cain, they were judging a side saddle show. I decided to make this illustration black and white because when I was there, the weather was so horrible that everything looked looked like this.

A couple of days ago I was held hostage in my house by wasps, I blame this on my dad. He went to work and left the back door open so that when I went downstairs there were 3 wasps flying around. I hate wasps, I really hate them, but I did get a picture of one.

Isn't it horrible? I was impressed with my new camera though. It hasn't gone too grainy. I thought it would, I had to zoom in really far because I was too scared to get any closer.


Deb said...

ahhhh! that image is lush peg! its like a atill from an olde worlde period drama what with the horses and the side saddles. keep up the great work. loving the updates. dx.

Deb said...

atill is still* dx.

Inspector Marmalade said...

Ew, I too know your pain of being plagued by wasps, they are horrible. But that black and white picture on the other hand isnt! its really pretty! great work jen!

that icecream aint half making me want one, shame its so bloody cold I'd probably end up with brainfreeze! xoxox

Neil Harvey-Hughes Illustration said...

Hey Jen. Saw your profile on IllustrationMundo the other week, and your website too, looks great. Keep up the good work :)

neil. x