Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Amelia's Magazine

This is an image I did for our 2nd one week project. I wasn't completley happy with it, the lecturers didn't say anything that I didn't know already. They said it looks a bit sad, it was meant to represent a happy future, I kind of went wrong on that part. I'm going to add more plants and brighten the colours up a bit. I quite like the image as it is, but it doesn't really answer the brief yet. Sally also said that it's similar to my other work, and that she can recognize things that I have used in images before. That's true about this one, I knew that when I did it, but I was having a mental block and couldn't think of anything else to do at the time. I can fix it easily enough.

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ladysnail said...

hello peg. i quite like the image as it is aswell as to me it looks like the people are working towards a happy future.looking forward to seeing how you will change it. dx.