Sunday, 17 June 2007

Summer Projects

I'm now starting to ponder the summer briefs. I feel like I should have done this already, especially since Kevin said to spend about a month on each. Well a month has already passed so it looks like its 3 weeks per project now, thats still okay though. In my defence we didn't get the brief until 2 weeks ago. Anyway Ive got 4 topics, everything else is up to me. It's quite hard to decide what to do, not because I can't think of anything (then i'd be worried) but because there is loads of things that I want to do. The 4 topics are, Design, Publishing, Editorial and the deadly advertising. Design is such a broad subject though, everything that's man-made is designed by somebody. Hmmm I'm thinking now might be the time to begin my mighty gift wrap empire, I could do sets of wrapping paper and gift tags. Or maybe I could try greeting cards, I think I'd like to try something stationary based, involving pattern of some kind, that would be fun. For publishing I might do the secret garden or invisible cities, I'll have to do a bit of research before I decide on that one, I want to do a good one. The problem comes when I get to Editorial and advertising, I can't stand either of them, it's probably best to keep thinking about them while I do the others. I could do a guardian article like the 'how to' project only good this time. I'm not sure yet.

On a slightly random note, I think I was being a bit optimistic when I said I'd get over my tutorial soon, god im still sooooooo pissed off, I can't think about it without seeing the red mist. It cut me deep! Okay so maybe that's a bit ott but it still makes me so mad! So yeah that's all I wanted to ramble about, oh and I bought a new car yesturday! I'm picking it up on saturday oooh im so excited.

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inspector_marmalade said...

BrumBrum Jenn! will we being seeing more of you in your flash new car now then?

You've made me think about work now hehe, thats a good thing tho because the sooner you start the better off you are I suppose. I think you should do the secret garden for the publishing brief because you'll be able to draw robins then hehe.

p.s. dont worry about the feedback you got hon, just means you can take what they said and next year after all this brill work your doing from playing around you'll have the best feedback ever , maybe better than debs hehe but dont tell her I said that xox