Friday, 27 April 2007


These are images based on hemoglobin, the red pictures are of oxygenated blood cells travelling around the body.....

.......and the blue pictures are deoxygenated blood cells on thier merry way back to the lungs. So what I did was make two collages of the red and blue cells, then cut them up and turned them into 2 sets of 5 postcards so that oxygen was sent in the post. On the back of the red postcards I wrote letters to 5 different muscles telling them what to do with the oxygen. Then I had people at uni write the replies on the back of the blue postcards saying thankyou and returning the deoxygenated blood cells back to me (the lungs)

It's a bit hard to explain now, I hope somebody understands what i'm attempting to say lol.

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inspector_marmalade said...

I was late recieveing my oxeygen last week, I've always been happy with your delieverly times but I must bring this to your attention as I had an early start that day and had to wait around for the deliverly man, I understand it might not be your fault but perhaps you should think out employing a more reliable deliverly man in the future, yours sincerly katies cells(left leg south)