Sunday, 25 March 2007

Digital Elective

I'm currently working on a digital project for uni. It's not something that I feel comfortable with, it's taking ages to paint in photoshop but considering it's my first attempt i'm quite happy with how it's going. We were asked to create 2 illustrations, 1 in Photoshop and 1 in Illustrator. I'm working on the photoshop one at the moment. It's based on a 'how to' article in the guardian, my article is called how to tinker and basically talks about men messing with things that they really don't need to.

I still need to neaten up the tv and add lots of tools around the floor but so far I think it's going okay. I will hopefully have it finished within the next day or so, atleast I will if I don't get distracted. I actually think the guy upstairs has bought a trampoline he's making so much noise.......nice.

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